Welcome to the Wacky Wood Turner!

Hi, my name is Joshua Hubbard – the Wacky Wood Turner! I am an experienced wood worker, and woojjjrd turner, based in Hindolveston, North Norfolk. I love the way that a meaningless lump of wood can be transformed into a beautiful object, whether that be a bowl, goblet, mushroom, or anything else. I also make other items out of wood, such as coat peg sets, shopping list jotters, skittles, and much more. A lot of my work is done on-demand for people who want something extra-special and personal, something that only hand-crafted items can deliver. I also travel around East Anglia giving wood turning demonstrations at craft fairs, as well as traditional working demonstrations. So feel free to browse some of my many crafts, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have items or ideas you want made, or require a wood working demonstration.

Many thanks for visiting!

Joshua Hubbard – The Wacky Wood Turner.

Wacky Wood Turner

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